Integrating Phil Nash's Catch C++ Unit Test Framework Into Visual Studio

After I adapted some existing code that used MSTest so that I was able to use Catch, I started to look at whether it was possible to do better; specifically I wanted to share source code between VS and Catch written for a console app and I wanted to retain the ability to generate standard VS TestResults files (*.trx).

The results were better than I expected; I found it was possible, with a little adaptation, to change the Catch internals so that I could do all that; so much so that I was able to reimplement the Catch self tests as Managed C++ test projects for VS2010 and VS2012 as well as Native C++ test projects.

You can find a fork of Catch here that implements this; hopefully Phil and I will be able to integrate this into the Catch mainline soon but until that is done I will do my best to keep the fork in sync with the code here.

You can find details on how to use it here and it looks like this: